When a <div> element inside a d-flex (display: flex) container overflows, it is usually due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Content Size: The content inside the <div> is larger than the available space. If the content is wider or taller than the container, it will overflow.

  2. Flex Items Sizing: By default, flex items inside a d-flex container will try to fit their content size. If the content is larger than the container, it will overflow. You can use CSS properties like flex-shrink or flex-grow to control how flex items should behave.

  3. Fixed Width or Height: If you have explicitly set a fixed width or height on the <div> or its content, it may cause overflow if the space available in the container is limited.

  4. Padding and Margin: Padding and margin values on the <div> or its content can contribute to overflow if not taken into account when sizing the container.

  5. Box Sizing: The default box-sizing value is content-box, which includes only the content size when calculating the element's size. If you have added padding or border, it may cause overflow. You can change the box-sizing to border-box to include padding and border in the element's size calculations.

  6. Overflow Property: Check if there is an explicit overflow property set on the container or any parent element that may be causing the <div> to overflow.

To fix the overflow issue, you can try the following solutions:

  • Adjust the content size or use CSS to make the content fit within the container.
  • Set the flex-shrink, flex-grow, or flex-basis properties on the flex items to control their sizing behavior.
  • Ensure that the <div> and its content do not have fixed widths or heights that exceed the container size.
  • Adjust padding and margin values if they contribute to the overflow.
  • Use the box-sizing property with a value of border-box to include padding and border in the element's size calculations.
  • Set the overflow property to auto, hidden, or scroll on the container or parent elements as needed.

Without seeing the specific HTML and CSS code causing the overflow, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact issue. If you can provide more details or share the relevant code, I can assist you further in troubleshooting the overflow problem.

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