If your selectors are not working inside a flexbox, there are a few common reasons that could be causing the issue. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  1. CSS Specificity: If your selectors have lower specificity compared to other styles applied to the elements, they might be overridden by more specific styles. To fix this, make your selectors more specific. You can use class names, IDs, or parent selectors to increase the specificity.

    For example, instead of using:

    div { /* Your styles here */ }

    Use a more specific selector like:

    .container div { /* Your styles here */ }
  2. Flexbox Parent Properties: If you are trying to apply styles to child elements inside a flex container, the parent's flex properties might be affecting the layout of the children. For example, if you are using flex-direction: column, child elements may stack vertically, and it could impact how styles are visually applied.

    Ensure that the parent's flex properties are not interfering with the desired styles for the children.

  3. Child Elements Have No Content: If the child elements inside the flex container have no content or a height of 0, it might appear as if the styles are not applied. Check the content and dimensions of the child elements to ensure they are visible.

  4. Elements Are Not Direct Children of the Flex Container: Flex properties are usually applied to direct children of the flex container. If your child elements are nested inside other elements that are not direct children of the flex container, the flex styles might not work as expected.

    Make sure that the elements you want to apply flex properties to are direct children of the flex container.

  5. Other Styles Affecting the Layout: There might be other styles (e.g., margins, paddings, positions) that affect the layout and appearance of the elements inside the flex container. Review the styles applied to the flex container and its children to identify any conflicting styles.

  6. Syntax Errors or Typos: Check your CSS for any syntax errors or typos that might prevent the styles from being applied correctly. Incorrect CSS syntax can cause styles to be ignored.

If you provide more specific code examples or a CodePen/JSFiddle link, I can take a closer look and provide more targeted assistance.

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