When Webpack gets stuck, it can be challenging to identify the exact cause without additional information. However, there are a few steps you can take to gather more information and debug the issue:

  1. Enable verbose output: Run your Webpack build with the --progress --verbose flags to get more detailed output in the console. This can provide additional information about which specific step or module is causing the build to hang.

    webpack --progress --verbose
  2. Check for error messages: Look for any error messages or warnings in the console output. These messages can often provide clues about the cause of the issue.

  3. Increase the log level: You can increase the log level of Webpack to get more detailed information. You can set the stats option in your Webpack configuration file to 'verbose' or 'detailed'.

    module.exports = { // ... other configuration options ... stats: 'verbose', };
  4. Check for infinite loops or circular dependencies: Webpack can sometimes get stuck due to circular dependencies or infinite loops in your code or configuration. Check your project for any circular dependencies, ensure that all required dependencies are correctly installed, and review your code for any potential infinite loops.

  5. Review custom loaders or plugins: If you're using custom loaders or plugins in your Webpack configuration, they could be causing the hang. Disable or remove any custom loaders or plugins temporarily to see if the issue persists. Gradually reintroduce them to narrow down the cause.

  6. Use a process monitoring tool: You can use process monitoring tools like htop (Linux) or Activity Monitor (macOS) to monitor the CPU and memory usage of the Webpack process. It can help identify if the process is consuming excessive resources or if it's stuck in an infinite loop.

  7. Update Webpack and dependencies: Make sure you are using the latest version of Webpack and its associated plugins and loaders. There might be a bug or compatibility issue in an older version that is causing the hang.

  8. Disable parallel processing: Webpack can process multiple tasks in parallel, which can sometimes lead to issues. Try disabling parallel processing by setting the parallel option to false in your Webpack configuration file.

    module.exports = { // ... other configuration options ... parallel: false, };

By following these steps, you should be able to gather more information and identify the cause of the hang in your Webpack build.

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