The warning you are encountering, "Warning: Extra attributes from the server: style," typically occurs when using React or similar libraries and rendering elements with inline styles that are received from the server or an API.

The warning is triggered because React expects the properties and attributes of elements to match the allowed properties for that element, and any extra or unknown attributes are treated as invalid and trigger the warning.

To resolve this warning, you have a few options:

  1. Remove the style attribute: If you don't need the inline styles applied to the element, you can simply remove the style attribute from the element, and the warning should disappear.

  2. Apply styles using CSS classes: If you need to apply styles to the element, consider using CSS classes instead of inline styles. Define the styles in a CSS file and apply the appropriate class to the element. This is a more maintainable approach and reduces the chances of triggering React warnings.

  3. Extract valid attributes: If you must use inline styles or attributes that are not recognized by React, you can extract them into a separate object and use the style prop to apply them:

import React from 'react'; const MyComponent = () => { const customStyle = { color: 'red', fontWeight: 'bold', // Add any other custom styles here }; return <div style={customStyle}>Hello, World!</div>; }; export default MyComponent;

By using the style prop with an object containing the custom styles, React will recognize this as a valid way to apply inline styles, and the warning should be resolved.

Remember that using inline styles should be limited to cases where it's necessary. For most cases, using CSS classes or CSS-in-JS solutions like styled-components or emotion can be more maintainable and easier to work with.

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