As of my last update in September 2021, the official Telegram command-line interface (CLI) does not have a built-in command to directly get the number of views for messages in a channel.

Telegram's Bot API, which is used for interacting with Telegram bots, provides a method to get the number of views for a specific message using the getViews method. However, the Telegram CLI does not have this functionality natively.

If you need to get the number of views for messages in a Telegram channel using the CLI, you may need to use third-party tools or libraries that interact with the Telegram API.

One such tool is "telethon," a Python library that provides an easy-to-use interface to interact with Telegram's MTProto API. Telethon allows you to get information about messages, including the number of views, from a channel.

Here's a brief example of how you can use Telethon to get the views for a message in a channel:

  1. Install Telethon:

You can install Telethon using pip:

pip install telethon
  1. Use Telethon to Get Views:
from telethon.sync import TelegramClient from telethon.errors.rpcerrorlist import MessageNotModifiedError # Your Telegram API credentials api_id = YOUR_API_ID api_hash = 'YOUR_API_HASH' phone_number = 'YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER' # The target channel username (without @) channel_username = 'YOUR_CHANNEL_USERNAME' with TelegramClient(phone_number, api_id, api_hash) as client: # Find the channel entity channel = client.get_entity(channel_username) # Message ID for which you want to get views message_id = YOUR_MESSAGE_ID # Get views for the message try: message = client.get_messages(channel, ids=message_id) views = message[0].views print(f"Message views: {views}") except MessageNotModifiedError: print("The message views are not available.")

Please note that using Telethon or any third-party library requires your Telegram API credentials (API ID, API Hash) and phone number. Ensure you handle these credentials securely and responsibly.

Keep in mind that Telegram's API and CLI are continuously evolving, and new features or changes may have been introduced since my last update. Always refer to the official Telegram API documentation and resources for the latest information.

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