The error message "No signatures found matching the expected signature" in a Stripe webhook endpoint usually occurs when the webhook secret used to verify the incoming webhook events is incorrect or missing. Stripe signs its webhook events using a secret, and your webhook endpoint needs to verify the authenticity of the events using this secret.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the Webhook Secret: Double-check that you are using the correct webhook signing secret in your webhook endpoint. The secret should be obtained from your Stripe Dashboard. Go to "Developers" > "Webhooks" and copy the signing secret for your endpoint.

  2. Set the Correct Environment Variable: Ensure that you have set the environment variable for the webhook secret in your server or application code. The environment variable should be named something like STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET.

  3. Receiving the Webhook Payload: Make sure you are receiving the raw request payload from the incoming webhook event, not just the form fields. The signature is calculated based on the entire raw payload.

  4. Verify the Signature: Use the Stripe SDK or a library to verify the signature of the incoming webhook event. The Stripe SDK for your chosen programming language usually provides a method for verifying the signature against the webhook secret.

    For example, in Node.js with the stripe library:

    const stripe = require('stripe')('YOUR_STRIPE_SECRET_KEY'); const endpointSecret = 'YOUR_STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET';'/webhook', (req, res) => { const payload = req.rawBody; // Make sure to get the raw body const sigHeader = req.headers['stripe-signature']; try { const event = stripe.webhooks.constructEvent(payload, sigHeader, endpointSecret); // Handle the event res.status(200).end(); } catch (err) { console.error('Error verifying webhook signature:', err); res.status(400).end(); } });
  5. Check for Typos: Verify that there are no typos or copy-paste errors in the webhook secret.

  6. Test with Stripe Test Webhooks: To test your webhook endpoint, use Stripe's test webhooks. Go to your Stripe Dashboard, navigate to "Developers" > "Webhooks," and click the "Send Test Webhook" button to send a test webhook event with the specified secret. This will allow you to test your endpoint without triggering real events.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the "No signatures found matching the expected signature" error and ensure that your Stripe webhook endpoint correctly verifies incoming events.

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