If the select box value is not setting properly on a Bootstrap modal, the issue might be related to the order of events or focus-related problems. When a select box is inside a modal, it can sometimes lose focus or encounter issues with event propagation.

Here are some potential solutions to ensure that the select box value works correctly inside the Bootstrap modal:

  1. Use [(ngModel)] or [ngModel] with (ngModelChange): Ensure that you are using Angular's two-way binding ([(ngModel)]) or one-way binding ([ngModel]) with the (ngModelChange) event to correctly bind the value of the select box to your component property. This ensures that the value is updated in both directions (from component to view and from view to component).
<!-- Assuming 'selectedValue' is the property in your component --> <select [(ngModel)]="selectedValue" (ngModelChange)="onSelectChange($event)"> <!-- options here --> </select>
  1. Use the (change) event: If you don't want to use ngModel, you can try using the (change) event to update the selected value when the user changes the option.
<select (change)="onSelectChange($event.target.value)"> <!-- options here --> </select>
  1. Use ng-container with ngIf: Wrap your select box and its options with an ng-container using ngIf. This can help with the rendering order and focus issues.
<ng-container *ngIf="modalIsVisible"> <select [(ngModel)]="selectedValue"> <!-- options here --> </select> </ng-container>
  1. Check the Bootstrap modal events: If the above solutions don't work, check the Bootstrap modal events that may be interfering with the select box. For example, if you are programmatically showing or hiding the modal, ensure that the selectedValue property is set correctly before opening the modal.

  2. Use a timeout: In some cases, a slight delay might be needed to ensure the select box is properly initialized. You can try using a setTimeout to set the value after a short delay.

import { Component, ViewChild, ElementRef, AfterViewInit } from '@angular/core'; @Component({ selector: 'app-modal', templateUrl: './modal.component.html', styleUrls: ['./modal.component.css'] }) export class ModalComponent implements AfterViewInit { selectedValue: any; @ViewChild('selectBox', { static: false }) selectBox: ElementRef; ngAfterViewInit() { // Use a timeout to set the value after a short delay setTimeout(() => { this.selectedValue = 'initialValue'; }, 100); } // Rest of the component code }
<select #selectBox [(ngModel)]="selectedValue"> <!-- options here --> </select>

Remember to replace app-modal with the selector of your modal component, and initialValue with the initial value you want to set.

Choose the appropriate solution based on your specific scenario. Using ngModel is generally recommended for easier data binding and synchronization between the component and view.

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