If you are using Redux's useSelector hook in IntelliJ/WebStorm and encountering an "Unresolved variable" warning, it is likely due to the tool's static analysis not being able to infer the types correctly for the useSelector hook. This is a common issue in static analysis tools when working with TypeScript and React hooks.

To resolve the "Unresolved variable" warning, you can do the following:

  1. Configure TypeScript Version: Make sure you have the correct version of TypeScript configured in your project settings. Ensure that the version of TypeScript in your project matches the version used by React and Redux.

  2. Update WebStorm: Make sure you are using the latest version of WebStorm. Newer versions of WebStorm often include improvements and bug fixes related to TypeScript and React.

  3. Type Declarations: If the warning persists, you can add type declarations for the variables explicitly. For useSelector, you can import the RootState type (assuming you have defined it) and provide it as the type for the argument in the useSelector hook:

import { useSelector } from 'react-redux'; import type { RootState } from './path/to/rootState'; // Import your RootState type const MyComponent = () => { const myData = useSelector((state: RootState) => state.myReducer.data); // Rest of the component logic };

By providing the type explicitly, you help WebStorm's static analysis understand the types and resolve the "Unresolved variable" warning.

  1. Type Inference via connect: If you are using the older connect method from Redux with class components, the warning might be due to WebStorm's inability to infer types for connect. In such cases, consider migrating to hooks and functional components, as hooks are better supported in newer versions of React and TypeScript.

Keep in mind that sometimes static analysis tools may still show warnings, even if the code is correct and working as expected. As long as your code is functioning correctly, you can choose to ignore the warning or suppress it using comments if needed.

Remember to regularly update your IDE and dependencies to take advantage of the latest features and improvements in TypeScript, React, and Redux support.

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