To redirect network requests in Storybook, you can use the storybook-addon-intercepts package. This addon allows you to intercept and mock network requests, making it easy to test different scenarios and responses in your components.

Here's how to set up and use storybook-addon-intercepts:

  1. Install the Package:

    • First, install the storybook-addon-intercepts package in your Storybook project:
    npm install storybook-addon-intercepts --save-dev
  2. Configure the Addon:

    • Create or open the .storybook/main.js file in your project directory.
    • Add the following configuration to enable the storybook-addon-intercepts:
    // .storybook/main.js module.exports = { // Other Storybook configurations... addons: [ // Other addons... 'storybook-addon-intercepts' ] };
  3. Create Storybook Stories:

    • Write your Storybook stories as usual, using the storiesOf or add methods to define your stories.
  4. Intercept Network Requests:

    • In your Storybook stories, you can now use the intercept method to mock network requests.
    import { intercept } from 'storybook-addon-intercepts'; // Create your Storybook story storiesOf('YourComponent', module) .add('Default', () => ({ // Your component setup... })) .add( 'With Mocked Network Request', () => ({ // Your component setup... // Mock the network request intercept: (route, request) => { if (route.url.includes('/api/data')) { return request.mockResponse({ data: { foo: 'bar' }, status: 200 }); } // If the request doesn't match, allow the original request to proceed return request.continue(); } }), { // Options for the story } );

    In this example, the network request to the URL /api/data will be intercepted and responded with the mocked data { foo: 'bar' }. Other requests will proceed as normal.

  5. Run Storybook:

    • Start your Storybook as you would normally:
    npm run storybook
  6. View and Test Stories:

    • Once Storybook is running, navigate to the Storybook UI in your browser and access your stories.
    • In the story that intercepts network requests, you should see the network request and response data in the "Intercepts" panel.

By using storybook-addon-intercepts, you can easily simulate different network scenarios and responses in your Storybook stories, making it a powerful tool for testing your components under various conditions. This is especially useful for components that interact with APIs and external services.

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