The react-native run-android command with the --port and --device options should not affect the build type (release or debug). These options are used to specify the development server port and target device during the build process. The build type (release or debug) is typically controlled by Gradle build configurations and not by these options.

If you are always getting a release build when using react-native run-android, it's likely due to other factors. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Previous Release Build: Check if you have previously built the release version of your app using the gradlew assembleRelease or other release build commands. When you use react-native run-android, React Native will use the latest built APK on your device. If the last build was a release build, it will use that.

    Solution: To ensure you are getting a debug build, you can uninstall the release version from your device and then run react-native run-android again.

  2. Gradle Build Configuration: Check your Gradle build configuration to see if there are any changes that might force a release build. Look for configurations related to build types and product flavors in your build.gradle files.

    Solution: Make sure the build configuration for the debug build type is correct and not unintentionally set to release.

  3. Command Line Arguments: Ensure that you are not passing any additional command line arguments or flags that might be affecting the build type.

    Solution: When running react-native run-android, only specify the --port and --device options without any additional arguments.

  4. Environment Variables: Check if there are any environment variables that might be affecting the build type.

    Solution: Ensure that you are not setting any environment variables that would trigger a release build.

  5. Caching: Gradle may sometimes cache build outputs. If a release build was previously cached, it might be reusing it.

    Solution: Try cleaning the Gradle build cache using the following command:

    cd android ./gradlew clean
  6. React Native Version: Ensure you are using a stable version of React Native. Older or unstable versions of React Native might have unexpected behavior.

    Solution: Update your React Native version to the latest stable release.

By checking these factors, you should be able to identify why you are always getting a release build when using react-native run-android with the --port and --device options. If the issue persists, consider providing more details about your project setup and configuration for further assistance.

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