To enable touch swipe functionality for the react-calendar library, you can use a combination of React hooks and touch event handlers to detect swipe gestures. We'll create a custom CalendarWithSwipe component that wraps the react-calendar component and adds the swipe functionality.

Here's an example of how to implement touch swipe for react-calendar:

import React, { useState, useRef } from 'react'; import Calendar from 'react-calendar'; const CalendarWithSwipe = () => { const [value, setValue] = useState(new Date()); const calendarRef = useRef(null); const touchStartX = useRef(0); const touchEndX = useRef(0); const handleTouchStart = (event) => { touchStartX.current = event.touches[0].clientX; }; const handleTouchMove = (event) => { touchEndX.current = event.touches[0].clientX; }; const handleTouchEnd = () => { const touchDiff = touchEndX.current - touchStartX.current; if (touchDiff > 50) { // Swiped left (move to the next month) setValue((prevValue) => { const nextMonth = new Date(prevValue); nextMonth.setMonth(prevValue.getMonth() + 1); return nextMonth; }); } else if (touchDiff < -50) { // Swiped right (move to the previous month) setValue((prevValue) => { const prevMonth = new Date(prevValue); prevMonth.setMonth(prevValue.getMonth() - 1); return prevMonth; }); } }; return ( <div onTouchStart={handleTouchStart} onTouchMove={handleTouchMove} onTouchEnd={handleTouchEnd} > <Calendar ref={calendarRef} value={value} onChange={setValue} /> </div> ); }; export default CalendarWithSwipe;

In this component, we use the useState hook to keep track of the selected date (value). We also use the useRef hook to store the touch start (touchStartX) and touch end (touchEndX) positions.

We then add touch event handlers to the wrapping div element: onTouchStart, onTouchMove, and onTouchEnd. These handlers detect touch start, move, and end events, respectively.

When the user swipes left or right by at least 50 pixels, the handleTouchEnd function is triggered, which calculates the touch difference and updates the value state to move to the next or previous month.

Note: This example assumes that the react-calendar component is imported and installed as Calendar. Make sure you have installed the react-calendar package for this to work.

Using this CalendarWithSwipe component in your application will allow you to navigate through the months using touch swipe gestures.

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