The error "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).froalaEditor is not a function" typically occurs in Rails 5 when the Froala WYSIWYG editor plugin is not properly loaded or initialized. This error usually happens when the JavaScript for Froala is not being loaded correctly or when there's a conflict with other JavaScript libraries.

Here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Verify Froala Installation: Make sure you have installed the Froala Editor plugin properly in your Rails 5 application. You can install it using the froala_editor gem or by manually including the Froala files.

If you are using the froala_editor gem, add it to your Gemfile and run bundle install:

gem 'froala_editor'
  1. Load the JavaScript Files: Ensure that you have included the Froala Editor JavaScript files in your application's JavaScript manifest file (usually application.js). Make sure to load them in the correct order:
//= require jquery //= require froala_editor.min.js //= require plugins/align.min.js //= require plugins/colors.min.js // Add other plugins if needed

Also, make sure you have the necessary CSS files loaded in your application's CSS manifest file (usually application.css):

*= require froala_editor.min.css *= require plugins/align.min.css *= require plugins/colors.min.css /* Add other plugin CSS if needed */
  1. Check for jQuery Conflicts: Froala Editor requires jQuery to work correctly. Ensure that jQuery is loaded before the Froala Editor JavaScript files. Also, check for any jQuery conflicts with other JavaScript libraries or plugins that may prevent Froala from working as expected.

  2. Verify the Initialization Code: Ensure that you are initializing Froala Editor properly on the textarea or HTML element:

$(document).on('turbolinks:load', function() { // Initialize Froala Editor $('.your-textarea-selector').froalaEditor({ // Froala Editor options }); });

Make sure to replace .your-textarea-selector with the appropriate selector for your textarea or HTML element.

  1. Turbolinks Compatibility: If you are using Turbolinks in your Rails application, ensure that you are properly handling Turbolinks events for Froala Editor initialization. As shown in the example above, use $(document).on('turbolinks:load', ...) to ensure Froala Editor is initialized correctly after Turbolinks navigation.

  2. Check for Console Errors: Inspect your browser's developer console for any additional errors or warning messages related to Froala Editor or other JavaScript libraries.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).froalaEditor is not a function" error in your Rails 5 application using Froala Editor. If you continue to encounter issues, consider reviewing the Froala Editor documentation and support resources for further assistance.

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