To get the Paperclip URL for a specific model record using SQL in Rails, you need to access the database column that stores the file attachment information. Paperclip typically stores attachment data in a table column named something like attachment_name_file_name, attachment_name_content_type, attachment_name_file_size, and attachment_name_updated_at, where attachment_name is the name of the attachment in your model.

Assuming you have a model called User with a Paperclip attachment named avatar, you can use SQL to fetch the URL for the avatar attachment as follows:

# Assuming you have a User model with a Paperclip attachment named avatar # Retrieve the avatar URL for a specific user with ID 1 user_id = 1 avatar_url = User.where(id: user_id).pluck(:avatar_url).first

In the above code, pluck(:avatar_url) retrieves the avatar_url column value for the User record with ID 1. The pluck method is used to fetch a specific column value directly from the database without instantiating the entire User object.

Keep in mind that the actual column names may vary based on your configuration in the has_attached_file declaration in the User model. Replace attachment_name with the appropriate name you used for the Paperclip attachment in your model.

Also, note that accessing the database directly with SQL might not be the most Rails-like way to interact with your data. If possible, it's generally preferable to use Rails conventions and methods to work with your models and their associated Paperclip attachments. The example above is provided to demonstrate how you can retrieve the URL using SQL if needed in specific scenarios.

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