To print a large table content on multiple pages using the mPDF library in PHP, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install and set up mPDF:

Make sure you have mPDF installed and set up in your PHP project. You can download the library from the official website ( or use Composer to install it:

composer require mpdf/mpdf
  1. Create a PHP script:

Now, create a PHP script that generates the PDF with the large table content. You need to break the table into smaller chunks to fit on multiple pages. You'll need to calculate the number of rows that can fit on a page and create separate tables for each page.

Here's a basic example to get you started:

<?php require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; // Adjust the path to the mPDF autoload file // Function to generate PDF with large table content function generatePDFWithLargeTable($data) { // Create an mPDF object $mpdf = new \Mpdf\Mpdf(); // Customize the mPDF settings if needed // $mpdf->SetMargins(20, 20, 20); // Calculate the number of rows that can fit on a page (adjust the height as needed) $rowsPerPage = 30; $numRows = count($data); $numPages = ceil($numRows / $rowsPerPage); // Generate PDF for each page for ($page = 0; $page < $numPages; $page++) { // Get a chunk of data for the current page $start = $page * $rowsPerPage; $chunk = array_slice($data, $start, $rowsPerPage); // Generate the table for the current page $html = '<table border="1">'; foreach ($chunk as $row) { $html .= '<tr>'; foreach ($row as $cell) { $html .= '<td>' . $cell . '</td>'; } $html .= '</tr>'; } $html .= '</table>'; // Add the page to the PDF $mpdf->AddPage(); $mpdf->WriteHTML($html); } // Output the PDF $mpdf->Output('large_table.pdf', 'D'); // D: Download the PDF, I: Display in the browser, F: Save to a file } // Sample data for the table (adjust as needed) $data = [ // Your large table data here // For example: // ['Name', 'Age', 'Country'], // ['John Doe', 30, 'USA'], // ['Jane Smith', 25, 'UK'], // ... ]; // Generate the PDF generatePDFWithLargeTable($data);

Replace the $data array with your actual large table content. The function generatePDFWithLargeTable calculates how many rows can fit on a page and then creates separate tables for each page in the generated PDF.

You may need to adjust the $rowsPerPage variable based on your table size and font settings to ensure the content fits appropriately on each page. Additionally, you can customize the mPDF settings as needed (uncomment the $mpdf->SetMargins line if you want to adjust the page margins).

Remember to adjust the path to the mPDF autoload file in the require_once statement according to your project structure.

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