To add recipient email addresses while using the Gmail API in PHP to send an email, you need to specify the To field in the message. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Set up the Gmail API: Before you start, make sure you have set up the Gmail API in the Google Cloud Console and obtained the required credentials and access to use the Gmail API in your PHP application. You'll need the client_secret.json file and other necessary configurations to authenticate your application with the API.

  2. Install Required Libraries: You'll need to install the Google API PHP client library using Composer. Run the following command in your project directory:

    composer require google/apiclient:^2.0
  3. Create a PHP Script: Create a PHP script where you'll set up the Gmail API client, authenticate it, and send an email.

    <?php require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; // Your Gmail API credentials $clientSecretPath = 'path/to/client_secret.json'; $accessTokenPath = 'path/to/access_token.json'; // Scopes required for the Gmail API $scopes = [ Google_Service_Gmail::GMAIL_SEND, Google_Service_Gmail::GMAIL_COMPOSE, Google_Service_Gmail::GMAIL_MODIFY, // Add any other required scopes here ]; // Create a new Google client $client = new Google_Client(); $client->setAuthConfig($clientSecretPath); $client->setScopes($scopes); $client->setAccessType('offline'); // Load the previously obtained access token $accessToken = json_decode(file_get_contents($accessTokenPath), true); $client->setAccessToken($accessToken); // Check if the access token is still valid if ($client->isAccessTokenExpired()) { // Refresh the access token if it has expired $client->fetchAccessTokenWithRefreshToken($client->getRefreshToken()); file_put_contents($accessTokenPath, json_encode($client->getAccessToken())); } // Create a new Gmail service $gmailService = new Google_Service_Gmail($client); // Create the email $email = new Google_Service_Gmail_Message(); $rawMessage = "From:\r\nTo:\r\nSubject: Test Email\r\n\r\nHello, this is a test email."; // Encode the email to base64url format $rawMessage = rtrim(strtr(base64_encode($rawMessage), '+/', '-_'), '='); $email->setRaw($rawMessage); // Send the email $gmailService->users_messages->send('me', $email);

    Make sure to replace 'path/to/client_secret.json' and 'path/to/access_token.json' with the actual paths to your client secret and access token files.

  4. Specify Recipient Email: In the $rawMessage variable, you can set the recipient's email address in the To field. Replace '' with the actual email address of the recipient.

  5. Run the Script: Save the PHP script and run it. If everything is set up correctly, it will send the email to the specified recipient.

Remember to handle any potential errors and exceptions that may arise during the process. Additionally, ensure that you have the necessary permissions and scopes configured for your Gmail API credentials to send emails on behalf of the authenticated user.

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