When working with PEAR Mail Factory, debugging issues can be essential to identify and resolve problems. Here are some steps to enable debugging for PEAR Mail Factory:

  1. Enable PEAR Mail Factory Debug Mode: To enable debug mode in PEAR Mail Factory, you can set the debug option to true when creating the mail factory object. This will provide additional information in case of errors or issues during the email sending process.


    require_once 'Mail.php'; require_once 'Mail/mime.php'; require_once 'Mail/mimePart.php'; require_once 'Mail/Factory.php'; // Create a mail factory object with debug enabled $params['debug'] = true; $mailFactory = Mail_Factory::factory('mail', $params);

    By setting debug to true, you should see more detailed error messages and additional logging output when something goes wrong during the email sending process.

  2. Check Debug Output: Once you have enabled debug mode, you can capture and examine the debug output to understand what might be causing the issue. PEAR Mail Factory stores debug information in the PEAR_Debug class instance, and you can access it through the getDebugInfo() method:

    $debugInfo = $mailFactory->getDebugInfo(); // You can then log or print the debug information for examination print_r($debugInfo);

    The debug output will contain helpful information such as SMTP commands, response codes, and any errors encountered during the email sending process.

  3. Check SMTP Server Logs: If you are using SMTP as the mail transport, you can check the SMTP server logs to see if there are any errors or issues reported. SMTP server logs can provide insights into the communication between the mail factory and the SMTP server.

  4. Verify Email Configuration: Double-check your email configuration, such as the SMTP server settings, authentication credentials (if required), and any other email parameters. Ensure that the information is correct and matches the requirements of your SMTP server.

  5. Check for Network Connectivity Issues: Sometimes, network connectivity issues can interfere with the email sending process. Ensure that your server has outbound network connectivity to the SMTP server, and there are no firewall or security settings blocking the communication.

  6. Verify Recipient Email Addresses: Make sure that the recipient email addresses are valid and properly formatted. Incorrect or invalid email addresses can lead to email delivery failures.

By following these steps and reviewing the debug output, you should be able to gain more insights into the issues with PEAR Mail Factory. The debug information and error messages will help you pinpoint the root cause of the problem and take appropriate actions to resolve it.

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