The error message you provided indicates that the user executing the query lacks the privilege to use the DATE_FORMAT function or that the function itself is not found in the database.

In HSQLDB, the DATE_FORMAT function is not a built-in function like in some other database systems. Instead, you need to use the FORMATDATETIME function to achieve similar functionality. The FORMATDATETIME function allows you to format date and time values into a string based on a specific format.

Here's the correct way to use the FORMATDATETIME function in HSQLDB:

SELECT FORMATDATETIME(your_date_column, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss') AS formatted_date FROM your_table;

Replace your_date_column with the actual name of the column containing your date values, and your_table with the name of your table.

If you still encounter issues with privileges, ensure that the user executing the query has the necessary permissions to perform the SELECT operation on the specified table.

Keep in mind that HSQLDB follows the SQL standard, but there might be differences compared to other database systems. So, if you're migrating from another database system that supports DATE_FORMAT, you'll need to adapt your queries to use the appropriate functions in HSQLDB.

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