In ng-bootstrap, ngbTooltip should work with [(ngModel)] as expected. However, there might be certain scenarios or conflicts in your code that could prevent it from functioning correctly. Here are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check ng-bootstrap Version: Make sure you are using a compatible version of ng-bootstrap with your Angular version. Check the package.json file to see the version of ng-bootstrap you have installed.

  2. Import ng-bootstrap Module: Ensure that you have imported the NgbModule from ng-bootstrap in your root or feature module. The NgbModule should be imported only once in your application.

  3. Import Required Angular Modules: Make sure you have imported the necessary Angular modules in your module where the component with ngbTooltip is defined. At a minimum, you'll need to import FormsModule if you are using [(ngModel)].

  4. Check Component and Template: Verify that you have the correct template syntax for ngbTooltip and that it is being applied to the right element.

    For example, in your component's template:

    <input type="text" [(ngModel)]="tooltipText" [ngbTooltip]="tooltipText" />
  5. Check if Tooltip Directive is Disabled: If you are programmatically disabling the tooltip directive, it won't show up. Ensure that there is no code in your component that disables or hides the tooltip.

  6. Check Styling: Ensure that the tooltip has enough space to be displayed. If the tooltip is outside the visible viewport, it won't be visible.

  7. Inspect Browser DevTools: Inspect the elements using the browser's developer tools and check if there are any errors or conflicts in the console.

  8. Try With Plain Text: To isolate the issue, try using a plain text tooltip without [(ngModel)] and see if it works as expected.

If you have gone through these steps and still encounter issues with ngbTooltip, consider creating a minimal, reproducible example (e.g., in StackBlitz or CodeSandbox) and share the link so that others can take a closer look at the code and help you identify the problem.

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