The error message "net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessSQLException: invalid authorization specification - not found" typically occurs when trying to connect to a Microsoft Access database using the UCanAccess JDBC driver, and the database file or the specified credentials for authentication are incorrect or inaccessible.

Here are some common reasons and possible solutions for this error:

  1. Incorrect Database File Path: Ensure that the path to the Microsoft Access database file is correct. Double-check the path and file name to make sure it points to the correct location.

  2. Database File Permissions: Check the file permissions of the Microsoft Access database file. Ensure that the application or user running the Java program has read and write permissions to the file. If the file is read-only or inaccessible, you may encounter this error.

  3. URL Format for UCanAccess: Make sure you are using the correct URL format for UCanAccess in the JDBC connection string. The URL format for UCanAccess should look something like this:

  1. Invalid Username or Password: If your Microsoft Access database is password-protected, make sure to provide the correct username and password in the JDBC connection string. If you don't need a username and password, leave them blank.
String url = "jdbc:ucanaccess://path/to/your/access-database.accdb"; String username = "your_username"; // Leave blank if not required String password = "your_password"; // Leave blank if not required Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, username, password);
  1. UCanAccess Jar and Dependencies: Ensure that you have the correct UCanAccess JDBC driver jar file and its dependencies in your classpath. You need the ucanaccess-x.x.x.jar, jackcess-x.x.x.jar, and commons-lang-x.x.jar (where "x.x.x" represents the version numbers) in your classpath.

  2. Java Version Compatibility: Make sure the version of UCanAccess you are using is compatible with your Java version. Check the UCanAccess documentation or release notes to ensure compatibility.

  3. Microsoft Access Database Version: UCanAccess may have limitations or compatibility issues with specific versions of Microsoft Access databases. Check the UCanAccess documentation for the supported versions.

  4. Database Corruption: If none of the above solutions work, it's possible that the Microsoft Access database file is corrupted. Try opening the database file with Microsoft Access to verify its integrity.

If you have checked all the above points and are still facing the issue, consider providing more details about your environment, code, and the specific JDBC connection string you are using. Additionally, check the UCanAccess documentation or community forums for any known issues or further troubleshooting steps.

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