If your app is crashing after installing react-native-blob-util, there might be several reasons for this behavior. Here are some common issues and possible solutions:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the version of react-native-blob-util you installed is compatible with the versions of React Native and other dependencies in your project. Check the package's documentation or GitHub repository for any compatibility notes.

  2. Native Modules: Some React Native packages require additional native modules that need to be linked to your project. After installing react-native-blob-util, check if there are any native modules that need linking. You can use the following command to link the native modules:

    react-native link

    If any modules need manual linking, follow the instructions provided by the package's documentation.

  3. Third-party Dependencies: Verify that react-native-blob-util does not have any additional third-party dependencies that might conflict with other packages or introduce errors. Check the package's dependencies and see if any of them are causing conflicts.

  4. Bundle Configuration: Sometimes, installing a new package can introduce issues with the JavaScript bundle. Try clearing the React Native bundle cache and rebuilding the bundle:

    react-native start --reset-cache

    Then, rebuild your app:

    react-native run-android # For Android react-native run-ios # For iOS
  5. Debugging: If your app is still crashing, use the debugging tools provided by React Native to track down the error. Use console.log statements or remote debugging to inspect the app's behavior and identify any specific errors or exceptions that occur after installing react-native-blob-util.

  6. Issues on GitHub: Check if there are any known issues or bug reports related to react-native-blob-util on its GitHub repository. Other users may have encountered similar problems, and you might find relevant information or solutions there.

  7. Reverting Changes: If all else fails, you can try uninstalling react-native-blob-util and reverting to the previous state of your app to see if the crash is related to this specific package.

Remember that installing new packages can sometimes introduce conflicts or errors, especially in the React Native ecosystem, where compatibility and native module linking play crucial roles. Always check the package's documentation, GitHub issues, and community discussions for any potential problems before installing a new package in your React Native project.

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