MongoDB Atlas provides support for AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) role-based authentication, which allows you to authenticate to your MongoDB Atlas cluster using AWS IAM credentials. This provides an additional layer of security by leveraging AWS IAM roles to access your MongoDB database.

To set up AWS IAM role-based authentication for MongoDB Atlas, follow these general steps:

  1. Create an IAM Policy: Create an IAM policy in your AWS account that grants the necessary permissions to interact with your MongoDB Atlas cluster. The policy should include actions for ds:login, ds:create, and other relevant actions required for MongoDB operations.

  2. Create an IAM Role: Create an IAM role in your AWS account and attach the previously created IAM policy to it. This role will be assumed by your MongoDB Atlas cluster to access AWS resources.

  3. Assign IAM Role to MongoDB Atlas Cluster: In the MongoDB Atlas web interface, navigate to your cluster's settings, and under the "Security" tab, select "AWS IAM" as the authentication method. Then, enter the ARN (Amazon Resource Name) of the IAM role you created in the previous step.

  4. Update MongoDB Connection String: When connecting to your MongoDB Atlas cluster from your application, update the connection string to include the authMechanism parameter set to MONGODB-AWS, and authSource parameter set to $external. The connection string should look like this:


    Replace username, password, and clustername with the appropriate values.

  5. EC2 Instance Roles (Optional): If you are running your application on an EC2 instance and you want to use IAM role-based authentication without specifying the IAM credentials explicitly in the connection string, ensure that the EC2 instance has the appropriate IAM role attached to it. The IAM role should include the required permissions for interacting with MongoDB Atlas.

Once you have completed these steps, your application will be able to authenticate to your MongoDB Atlas cluster using the IAM role specified in the connection string. The role-based authentication provides a secure and seamless way to manage access to your MongoDB data using AWS IAM credentials.

Keep in mind that IAM role-based authentication in MongoDB Atlas is specific to AWS. If you are using other cloud providers or hosting platforms, such as Azure or Google Cloud, you may need to use different authentication mechanisms.

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