The "MissingDriverError" typically occurs in TypeORM when you try to connect to a database using a driver that hasn't been installed or properly configured. In your case, you are using PostgreSQL as the database, so this error might be due to the missing PostgreSQL driver for TypeORM.

To fix the "MissingDriverError" in TypeORM with PostgreSQL, follow these steps:

  1. Install PostgreSQL Driver: Make sure you have installed the pg package, which is the PostgreSQL driver for TypeORM.

    Using npm:

    npm install pg

    Using yarn:

    yarn add pg
  2. Check Configuration: Ensure that you have configured the PostgreSQL connection properly in your TypeORM configuration. The configuration typically resides in the ormconfig.json file or in the configuration object passed to createConnection().

    Example ormconfig.json:

    { "type": "postgres", "host": "localhost", "port": 5432, "username": "your_username", "password": "your_password", "database": "your_database", "synchronize": true, "logging": true, "entities": ["src/entities/*.ts"], "migrations": ["src/migrations/*.ts"], "subscribers": ["src/subscribers/*.ts"], "cli": { "entitiesDir": "src/entities", "migrationsDir": "src/migrations", "subscribersDir": "src/subscribers" } }
  3. Import the Entity Classes: If you are using TypeScript with TypeORM, ensure that you have imported the entity classes that represent your database tables in the configuration file. If you are using JavaScript, make sure you are using the correct file paths to the entity classes.

  4. Ensure Correct Initialization: Ensure that you are initializing TypeORM correctly. For example, if you are using NestJS with TypeORM, make sure you have set up the database module and imported it in your application module.

  5. Build the Project (for TypeScript): If you are using TypeScript, ensure that you have built your project to compile the TypeScript code to JavaScript. The typeorm CLI or commands like npm run build or yarn build can be used for this.

After implementing these steps, try running your application again. The "MissingDriverError" should be resolved, and you should be able to connect to the PostgreSQL database using TypeORM without any issues. If the problem persists, double-check your TypeORM configuration and ensure that you have correctly installed the PostgreSQL driver.

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