If you're experiencing issues with GIF images being saved statically in Laravel 5.4, this could be caused by the Intervention Image package, which is a popular package used for image processing in Laravel.

The issue is caused by the way the Intervention Image package processes GIF images. By default, the package saves GIF images as a static image with the first frame of the animation. To save GIF images as animated files, you'll need to use a different method called encodeAnimatedGif.

Here's an example of how to save a GIF image as an animated file using Intervention Image:

$image = Image::make($gifPath); // Resize the image if needed $image->resize(300, 200); // Save the image as an animated GIF $image->encodeAnimatedGif($gifOutputPath);

In this example, we're using the encodeAnimatedGif method instead of the save method to save the GIF image as an animated file. Make sure to specify the output path for the animated file when calling this method.

If you're still having issues with GIF images being saved statically, you could also try using a different image processing package such as GD, which comes with PHP by default. Alternatively, you could try using a different version of Intervention Image or another image processing package that supports animated GIFs.

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