When using Pandoc to convert LaTeX files (.tex) to HTML files (.html), you might encounter various issues due to differences in the syntax and features of LaTeX and HTML. Some common issues and solutions are:

  1. Unsupported LaTeX Packages or Commands: Pandoc might not support all LaTeX packages or commands. If you use custom or obscure packages, Pandoc may not be able to handle them properly. In such cases, consider using alternative packages or rewriting the LaTeX code to avoid unsupported commands.

  2. Missing Cross-References and Citations: Pandoc doesn't automatically resolve cross-references and citations. If your LaTeX document contains \ref or \cite commands, Pandoc won't convert them to proper links or citations in the HTML output. You may need to modify your LaTeX source or use Pandoc extensions to handle references and citations.

  3. Unsupported Environments: Some LaTeX environments (e.g., align, equation, etc.) might not be directly supported by Pandoc. You may need to convert them to other formats (e.g., Markdown) or use Pandoc extensions to handle specific environments.

  4. Math Formulas: Pandoc supports MathJax to render math formulas in HTML output, but the syntax might differ from the LaTeX math mode. Check the Pandoc documentation on how to include and render math formulas properly.

  5. Styling and Formatting Differences: LaTeX and HTML have different styling and formatting options. The appearance of your HTML output might not exactly match the LaTeX output. You may need to apply additional CSS styling to achieve the desired visual representation.

  6. Encoding Issues: Make sure your LaTeX source file and Pandoc command use the same character encoding (e.g., UTF-8) to avoid encoding-related problems in the output.

  7. Table Conversions: Tables in LaTeX and HTML have different syntax. Pandoc provides options to control how tables are converted. You may need to adjust table formatting to match your requirements.

  8. Footnotes: Pandoc has support for footnotes, but their syntax might differ from LaTeX's. Ensure you use the correct syntax for footnotes in Pandoc.

To improve the conversion, consider using Pandoc extensions (e.g., --filter, --citeproc, etc.) and custom templates to tailor the output to your needs. Additionally, you can review the Pandoc documentation and experiment with different options to get better results for your specific LaTeX document.

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