When you encounter issues with opening a pop-up window by clicking a button multiple times in MVC4 (or any other version of ASP.NET MVC), it's often related to the handling of the pop-up window or the button click event. Here are some common reasons for this issue and possible solutions:

  1. Multiple Pop-up Windows: If you are opening multiple pop-up windows on each button click without closing the previous ones, you might end up with multiple windows overlapping each other. Make sure to close the existing pop-up window before opening a new one.

  2. Event Handlers: Check that you are not attaching multiple event handlers to the button. Attaching multiple event handlers can cause the pop-up to open multiple times with each click. Ensure that the event handler is attached only once, preferably in a separate JavaScript file or the View's script section.

  3. Asynchronous Requests: If you are making asynchronous (AJAX) requests on button click, ensure that the requests do not open pop-up windows multiple times when they complete. Handle the response from the AJAX request appropriately to prevent multiple pop-ups from appearing.

  4. Disable Button during Processing: To avoid multiple clicks causing multiple pop-up openings, you can disable the button during the process of opening the pop-up window and enable it once the pop-up is closed.

  5. Debouncing or Throttling: Implement debouncing or throttling techniques to limit the number of clicks that trigger the pop-up opening. This can prevent multiple rapid clicks from causing issues.

  6. Cache Issues: If your pop-up window uses caching, it might display outdated content when opened multiple times. Ensure that the pop-up content is not cached, or handle cache management properly to avoid this issue.

  7. JavaScript Errors: Check the browser's console for any JavaScript errors that might interfere with the normal functioning of the pop-up window.

  8. Server-Side Handling: If the pop-up window performs server-side processing, ensure that you handle any concurrency issues or prevent multiple instances of the server-side process from running simultaneously.

  9. Check Dependencies: If you are using any third-party libraries or plugins for the pop-up functionality, ensure that they are functioning correctly and not causing any conflicts.

It's essential to thoroughly review your code, especially the JavaScript and event handling logic, to identify any issues that might lead to multiple pop-up windows opening on button clicks. Consider using browser development tools and debugging techniques to inspect the behavior of your application during button clicks and pop-up window openings.

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