As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Visual Studio Code (VS Code) does not have a built-in hotkey specifically dedicated to jumping to the content space of the next HTML element. However, there are some existing keyboard shortcuts that can help you navigate through HTML elements efficiently:

  1. Move by Word: You can use the standard keyboard shortcuts for moving the cursor by word to navigate between HTML elements. On Windows/Linux, the default shortcuts are:
  • Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word: Ctrl + Right Arrow
  • Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word: Ctrl + Left Arrow

On macOS, replace Ctrl with Option or Alt.

  1. Select by Tag: If you want to quickly select an entire HTML element, you can use the "Select by Tag" feature. Place the cursor inside an HTML tag, and then use the following shortcut:
  • Select the entire HTML element (tag and content): Shift + Alt + Right Arrow

This shortcut will select the element and its content, making it easier to cut, copy, or modify the entire element.

  1. Custom Keybindings: If you have specific navigation needs and the built-in shortcuts don't cover them, you can create your custom keybindings in VS Code. To do this, go to "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Keyboard Shortcuts" (or use the shortcut Ctrl + K Ctrl + S). In the "keybindings.json" file, you can define your custom shortcuts for different commands or actions, including navigation within HTML elements.

For example, you could define a custom keybinding to move to the next element's content space by using an extension like "Auto Close Tag" and a custom keybinding:

// keybindings.json [ { "key": "ctrl+shift+right", "command": "editor.action.jumpToBracket", "when": "editorTextFocus && editorLangId == 'html'" } ]

The above keybinding maps Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow to the editor.action.jumpToBracket command, which will jump to the corresponding closing bracket (e.g., the end of an HTML element's content space).

Keep in mind that the availability of certain shortcuts and features may change as VS Code evolves, so it's a good idea to check the official documentation or extensions marketplace for any updates or new extensions that might offer additional navigation features.

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