As of my last update in September 2021, the AngularJS Bootstrap Timepicker directive (ui-bootstrap-tpls) does not provide a built-in option to set minTime. However, you can achieve the desired functionality by extending the directive or using additional validation logic in your controller.

Here's one approach to enforce a minTime constraint on the AngularJS Bootstrap Timepicker:

  1. Extend the Directive: You can extend the existing timepicker directive by creating your custom version that includes the minTime functionality.
app.directive('customTimepicker', function() { return { restrict: 'E', require: 'ngModel', templateUrl: 'path/to/custom-timepicker-template.html', // Provide a custom template link: function(scope, element, attrs, ngModelCtrl) { // Add a watcher to validate the selected time against minTime scope.$watch('selectedTime', function(newVal) { if (newVal && scope.minTime) { var selectedTime = moment(newVal, 'HH:mm'); var minTime = moment(scope.minTime, 'HH:mm'); if (selectedTime.isBefore(minTime)) { ngModelCtrl.$setViewValue(scope.minTime); ngModelCtrl.$render(); } } }); } }; });
  1. Create a Custom Template: In the custom template, use the custom directive (custom-timepicker) instead of the standard timepicker.
<!-- path/to/custom-timepicker-template.html --> <div class="custom-timepicker"> <timepicker ng-model="selectedTime" hour-step="hStep" minute-step="mStep" show-meridian="isMeridian"></timepicker> </div>
  1. Usage: In your HTML, use the custom directive and set the minTime attribute as needed.
<custom-timepicker ng-model="myTime" min-time="08:00"></custom-timepicker>

This approach watches for changes in the selected time and validates it against the minTime. If the selected time is before minTime, the ngModelCtrl is updated to set the value to minTime.

Please note that the exact implementation may vary depending on your specific use case and the version of the AngularJS Bootstrap Timepicker you are using. The above code assumes a basic understanding of AngularJS, and you may need to adapt it to your project's structure and requirements.

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