In Ionic, when using scrollIntoView to scroll to a specific element, the scrolling behavior may sometimes appear to stop if the element is already in view or if the element is not present in the scrolling container.

Here are some potential reasons why scrolling might appear to stop:

  1. Element is Already Visible: If the element you are trying to scroll to is already visible within the scrolling container, calling scrollIntoView on it won't trigger any further scrolling. The method only scrolls the container when the target element is not visible.

  2. Element is Not Present in the Scrolling Container: If the element you are trying to scroll to is not present in the scrolling container, the scrolling action won't occur. Make sure the target element exists and is within the scrolling container.

  3. Scrolling Duration: By default, scrollIntoView immediately scrolls the element into view. If the element is far away from the current scroll position, it might appear as if the scrolling stops quickly. To create a smoother scrolling effect, you can use the scrollOptions parameter to specify the scrolling behavior, including the behavior and block properties.


    element.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth', block: 'start' });

    Using 'smooth' as the behavior property will create a smoother scrolling animation, making it more evident that the scrolling action is taking place.

  4. Scroll Container Constraints: The scrolling behavior may also be affected by the constraints of the scrolling container. For example, if the scrolling container has a fixed height or is constrained by its parent elements, the scrolling may stop when it reaches the container's boundaries.

To debug and understand the behavior better, you can add console.log statements before and after the scrollIntoView call to check if the method is indeed being executed and whether the element is already visible or not.

Additionally, consider checking the layout and structure of your page to ensure that the target element is correctly positioned within the scrolling container.

If you are using scrollIntoView in combination with Ionic's Virtual Scroll or other custom scrolling features, make sure to check the compatibility and possible interactions between the scrolling methods.

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