In Rails 4, you can store all sent emails with attachments and re-send them again later by using a combination of Active Record models, background jobs, and a library for email serialization. Here's a general outline of the steps you can follow:

  1. Create a Model to Store Email Data: Create a model (e.g., SentEmail) to store the necessary information about each sent email, such as the recipient's email address, the email body, subject, attachments (if any), and any other relevant data.

    # app/models/sent_email.rb class SentEmail < ActiveRecord::Base serialize :attachments, JSON end
  2. Serialize Email Attachments: Since email attachments can be complex objects, you need to serialize them before storing them in the database. In Rails 4, you can use the serialize method to store attachments as JSON data.

  3. Configure Action Mailer to Intercept Emails: You can set up an interceptor in Action Mailer to capture and store emails in your SentEmail model before they are sent. The interceptor will be a class that implements the delivering_email method.

    # config/initializers/email_interceptor.rb class EmailInterceptor def self.delivering_email(mail) # Extract necessary email data and attachments and store in SentEmail model SentEmail.create( to:", "), subject: mail.subject, body: mail.body.to_s, attachments: { |attachment| { filename: attachment.filename, content: attachment.body.to_s } } ) end end # Register the interceptor ActionMailer::Base.register_interceptor(EmailInterceptor)
  4. Set Up a Background Job: When you want to re-send the stored emails later, you can use a background job library like Delayed Job, Sidekiq, or Resque. Create a background job that dequeues each stored email from the SentEmail model and sends it using Action Mailer.

  5. Re-Send Stored Emails: In your background job, retrieve the stored emails from the SentEmail model, deserialize the attachments, and send the emails using Action Mailer's deliver_now or deliver_later method.

    class ResendEmailJob < ActiveJob::Base queue_as :default def perform SentEmail.all.each do |sent_email| # Deserialize the attachments attachments = { |attachment| { filename: attachment["filename"], body: attachment["content"] } } # Re-send the email using Action Mailer YourMailer.send_email(, sent_email.subject, sent_email.body, attachments).deliver_now end end end

By following these steps, you can store all sent emails with attachments in your Rails 4 application and re-send them later using a background job. This approach allows you to keep track of all sent emails and gives you the ability to re-send them in case of any issues or when necessary. Additionally, you can implement additional features, like storing timestamps, retry attempts, or handling any email delivery errors in the background job to enhance the functionality.

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