If the HTML content of your email is not showing correctly in Mailinator, there are a few potential reasons and solutions to consider:

  1. Email Format: Ensure that the email content is in proper HTML format and that it is well-formed. Use a tool or an online HTML validator to check for any HTML syntax errors.

  2. CSS Styling: Some email clients, including Mailinator, may not support all CSS properties and selectors. Inline CSS styles are often more reliable in emails than external stylesheets. Make sure you're using CSS that is compatible with email clients.

  3. Blocked Content: Mailinator might block certain types of content, such as external images or scripts, for security reasons. Ensure that your email does not rely on blocked content.

  4. Content Security Policy (CSP): Check if your email includes a Content Security Policy that restricts the execution of scripts or loading of external resources. Adjust the CSP settings if necessary.

  5. Attachments: If your email includes attachments, verify that they are correctly attached and accessible by Mailinator.

  6. Testing with Other Email Clients: Test your email with other email clients and webmail providers to see if the issue is specific to Mailinator or more widespread.

  7. Plain Text Alternative: Include a plain text alternative version of your email. Some email clients may not display HTML content, and having a plain text alternative ensures that the recipient can still read the email.

  8. Image Hosting: If you are hosting images externally, ensure that the image URLs are accessible and not blocked by Mailinator or any other security mechanisms.

  9. Encoding: Check the character encoding of your email. UTF-8 encoding is widely supported and recommended for emails.

  10. Content-Length Header: Ensure that the Content-Length header accurately reflects the size of the email content.

  11. Whitelisting: If you are sending emails from a server, make sure that Mailinator is not blocking your server's IP address or domain. In some cases, Mailinator may filter or block emails from certain sources.

  12. Plain HTML Test: Create a simple HTML test email with basic elements and styles to see if it displays correctly in Mailinator. This will help you isolate any specific issues with your email content.

Keep in mind that Mailinator is primarily a testing and temporary email service, and its capabilities may be limited compared to standard email clients. If you encounter persistent issues with displaying HTML content in emails, consider testing with other more robust email testing services or email clients to ensure broader compatibility.

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