As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, MongoDB Realm does not support running Node.js applications directly. MongoDB Realm is a serverless platform designed for hosting and executing serverless functions and triggers in response to events on the MongoDB database.

Since Node.js is not directly supported on MongoDB Realm, you cannot run nodemailer as you would on a traditional Node.js server. However, you can achieve similar functionality by integrating nodemailer with an external service or by using MongoDB Realm Functions with third-party services that provide email functionality.

Here's one way you can handle sending emails using nodemailer and MongoDB Realm:

  1. Create a Third-Party Email Service: Set up an external service that provides email sending functionality, such as SendGrid, Mailgun, or AWS SES. These services often have APIs that allow you to send emails programmatically.

  2. Configure Email Transport with nodemailer: In your Node.js code (outside of MongoDB Realm), configure nodemailer to use the API credentials provided by the third-party email service.

  3. Create a MongoDB Realm Function: In MongoDB Realm, create a serverless function (Realm Function) that will be triggered in response to a specific event (e.g., when a new document is inserted into the database or when a user performs a specific action).

  4. Use HTTP Requests to Trigger Email Sending: Inside the MongoDB Realm function, make an HTTP request to the external email service's API (e.g., using the Fetch API or an HTTP client library) to send the email. Pass the necessary email content and recipient details as parameters in the HTTP request.

  5. Deploy and Test: Deploy the MongoDB Realm function and test it to ensure that emails are being sent successfully.

Please note that MongoDB Realm has likely evolved since my knowledge cutoff, and there may be changes or new features related to running Node.js applications or sending emails. I recommend referring to the MongoDB Realm documentation or the latest resources for up-to-date information and guidelines on using nodemailer or other email services with MongoDB Realm.

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