In Tornado, you can POST a raw file using the tornado.httpclient.HTTPRequest class. To achieve this, you need to set the request body to the raw file data and specify the appropriate headers. Here's how you can do it:

import tornado.httpclient def post_raw_file(url, file_data, filename, content_type): http_client = tornado.httpclient.AsyncHTTPClient() headers = {"Content-Type": content_type, "Content-Disposition": f"attachment; filename={filename}"} request = tornado.httpclient.HTTPRequest(url, method="POST", headers=headers, body=file_data) def handle_response(response): if response.error: print("Error:", response.error) else: print("File uploaded successfully.") print("Response:", response.body) http_client.fetch(request, handle_response) # Example usage if __name__ == "__main__": url = "" file_data = b"Here is the raw file content." filename = "example.txt" content_type = "text/plain" post_raw_file(url, file_data, filename, content_type)

In the example above, we use Tornado's AsyncHTTPClient to send an asynchronous POST request to the specified URL. The file_data variable holds the raw file content as bytes. The filename variable is used to set the Content-Disposition header, which indicates the filename of the uploaded file. The content_type variable sets the Content-Type header to specify the type of the file.

Note that this example shows how to send a raw file as part of the request body. If you need to send additional form fields along with the file, you can use the tornado.httputil.urlencode function to encode the form fields and append them to the body parameter of the HTTPRequest. Alternatively, you can use the tornado.httpclient.HTTPRequest with the files parameter to upload files as part of a multipart request.

Keep in mind that this code assumes you are running this in a Tornado application or in an environment where Tornado's event loop is running. If you're running this code outside of a Tornado application, you may need to handle the IOLoop and other asynchronous aspects of Tornado manually.

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