To disable server-side processing for search in DataTables, you need to use the search option along with the searching option in your DataTables configuration. Setting searching to false will disable the search functionality entirely, while setting search to an empty string will effectively disable server-side search.

Here's how you can achieve this:

  1. HTML Markup: Include the necessary HTML markup for your DataTable, such as the table and the placeholder for the DataTable to be initialized:

    <table id="myDataTable"> <!-- Your table headers and body rows go here --> </table>
  2. JavaScript Code: Initialize the DataTable with the appropriate configuration options, including the searching and search options:

    <script> $(document).ready(function() { $('#myDataTable').DataTable({ // Other DataTable configuration options searching: false, // Disable the search input search: { search: '', // Disable server-side search by setting it to an empty string }, }); }); </script>

    In this example, we set searching to false to disable the search input in the DataTable header. Additionally, we set to an empty string to disable server-side search.

With these settings, the search input will not be visible, and DataTables will not perform any server-side search requests when interacting with the table. This can be useful when you want to handle search functionality manually or when server-side processing for search is not needed for your specific use case.

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