When using TypeScript with tsc (the TypeScript compiler) to transpile your code to JavaScript, you can remove unused import statements by enabling the removeUnusedImports compiler option. Starting from TypeScript version 4.7, this option is available to automatically remove unused imports during the compilation process.

Here's how you can enable the removeUnusedImports option:

  1. tsconfig.json Configuration:

In your tsconfig.json file, add or modify the "compilerOptions" section to include "removeUnusedImports": true:

{ "compilerOptions": { "target": "es6", // Your target JavaScript version "removeUnusedImports": true, "outDir": "./dist", // Output directory for compiled JavaScript files // Other compiler options... }, "include": ["src/**/*"] // Adjust this to match your project's source files }

By setting "removeUnusedImports": true, TypeScript will remove any unused import statements during the compilation process, resulting in cleaner and smaller JavaScript files.

  1. Compile Your TypeScript Code:

After making the changes to the tsconfig.json file, run the TypeScript compiler (tsc) to transpile your TypeScript code to JavaScript:


By running tsc, the TypeScript compiler will process your source files according to the specified options in tsconfig.json, including removing unused imports.

Keep in mind that the removeUnusedImports option was introduced in TypeScript 4.7, so make sure you are using a version equal to or newer than 4.7 for this feature to work.

It's essential to regularly check and optimize your codebase for unused imports, as it helps to reduce the size of the resulting JavaScript bundle and improves the overall performance of your application.

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