To remove a ghost image (drag image) while dragging an element, you can use the DataTransfer object's setDragImage method to replace the default ghost image with a transparent image. By setting the drag image to a transparent image or a small invisible image, you effectively remove the visible ghost image during the drag operation.

Here's how you can achieve this:

  1. Create a transparent image:

You can create a transparent image using an image editing tool or simply use a small transparent image in PNG format.

  1. Add a custom drag start event handler:

In your JavaScript code, add a custom drag start event handler to the element you want to drag. Inside this handler, set the drag image to the transparent image using the DataTransfer.setDragImage method.

Here's an example using vanilla JavaScript:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Remove Ghost Image on Drag</title> </head> <body> <div draggable="true" id="dragElement">Drag me!</div> <script> // Custom drag start event handler function handleDragStart(event) { // Create a transparent image or use a small transparent image const transparentImage = new Image(); transparentImage.src = 'path_to_transparent_image.png'; // Set the drag image to the transparent image event.dataTransfer.setDragImage(transparentImage, 0, 0); } // Get the drag element and add the drag start event listener const dragElement = document.getElementById('dragElement'); dragElement.addEventListener('dragstart', handleDragStart); </script> </body> </html>

In this example, when you start dragging the element with the id dragElement, the custom handleDragStart function will be called. It creates a transparent image and sets it as the drag image using event.dataTransfer.setDragImage. As a result, the ghost image will be removed or replaced by the transparent image, effectively hiding it during the drag operation.

Keep in mind that the setDragImage method might not be supported in older browsers. You may want to check browser compatibility or use a library like jQuery UI, which provides better cross-browser support for customizing drag behavior.

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