If you are encountering missing dependencies when installing the google-auth-library package, it's likely due to its peer dependencies not being installed automatically. The google-auth-library package requires some peer dependencies, and you need to install them separately in your project.

As of the latest version (6.1.4) of google-auth-library, it requires the following peer dependencies:

  • google-gax: ^2.25.0
  • gtoken: ^4.1.0

To fix the missing dependencies issue, you can manually install the required peer dependencies along with the google-auth-library package:

Using npm:

npm install google-auth-library google-gax@^2.25.0 gtoken@^4.1.0

Using yarn:

yarn add google-auth-library google-gax@^2.25.0 gtoken@^4.1.0

This will ensure that the required peer dependencies are installed in your project and that the google-auth-library package can function correctly.

Additionally, always make sure to check the official documentation or the package's npm page for the latest information about peer dependencies and version requirements, as they might change with updates to the package.

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