When extending tsconfig files in TypeScript, there are certain considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the paths are resolved correctly. If you are experiencing issues with path resolution after extending tsconfig files, here are some possible solutions:

  1. Use Absolute Paths in Extended tsconfig Files: When extending tsconfig files, ensure that you use absolute paths for the baseUrl and paths settings. Absolute paths help TypeScript resolve the module imports correctly, regardless of the project's directory structure.

    For example, instead of using relative paths like "./src" for baseUrl, use an absolute path like "./src" or "./src/". Similarly, use absolute paths for paths, such as "@myapp/*": ["src/*"].

  2. Verify tsconfig File Locations: Make sure that your tsconfig.json files are located in the correct directories and are being picked up by TypeScript. The TypeScript compiler reads all tsconfig.json files in the project hierarchy, starting from the current working directory. Double-check the file locations to ensure that the extended tsconfig file is correctly referenced.

  3. Check Compiler Options Order: The order of tsconfig file compilation matters. When extending tsconfig files, the settings in the extending file override the settings in the base file. Ensure that the extending tsconfig file is processed after the base file to avoid overwriting the path settings.

  4. Use Correct Path Aliases: If you are using path aliases in the paths setting, verify that the aliases are defined correctly. For example, if you have "@myapp/*": ["src/*"], make sure that you are importing modules using @myapp as the prefix, followed by the relative path to the module within src.

  5. Use TypeScript Version Compatibility: Ensure that the versions of TypeScript used in the extending and base tsconfig files are compatible. Using incompatible TypeScript versions can lead to unexpected behavior in path resolution.

  6. Clean and Rebuild: Sometimes, caching issues or stale build artifacts can cause problems with path resolution. Try cleaning the build and cache directories, and then rebuild the project to see if the issue is resolved.

  7. Consider Using tsconfig references: Instead of extending tsconfig files, consider using the references feature introduced in TypeScript 3.0. This feature allows you to create a hierarchy of projects with clear dependencies and improves path resolution in multi-project setups.

Remember that tsconfig file resolution and path handling can be complex, especially in multi-project setups or monorepos. Carefully review the configuration and use the appropriate options based on your project's requirements. If you continue to experience issues with path resolution, check the TypeScript documentation and community forums for further guidance.

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