The error message you provided indicates that there is a conflict between two plugins related to React in your project's configuration. This type of error often occurs when you have conflicting versions of the same plugin or when two plugins are trying to modify the same part of the build process.

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check Dependencies: Verify that you have the correct and compatible versions of the plugins and dependencies related to React. Make sure there are no duplicate or conflicting packages in your package.json file.

  2. Update Plugins: Ensure that all plugins, including the ones related to React, are up to date. Check for the latest versions of the plugins and update them accordingly.

  3. Remove Duplicate Plugins: If you have manually added the same plugin multiple times in your webpack or other build configurations, remove the duplicates to avoid conflicts.

  4. Check Plugin Options: If the plugins allow configuration options, check that you haven't set conflicting options for React-related plugins.

  5. Review the Webpack Configuration: If the error is related to Webpack, review your Webpack configuration files and check for any conflicting configurations or plugins.

  6. Clear Caches: Clear any caches related to your project or build tools. This can help ensure that you are using the latest configurations and versions.

  7. Test with Minimal Configuration: Temporarily simplify your project's configuration to the minimum required to build the application. Gradually add back the plugins one by one to identify which combination is causing the conflict.

  8. Check for Similar Issues: Search for similar issues in the issue trackers of the plugins you are using. Other users may have encountered and resolved the same conflict.

  9. Consult the Documentation: Refer to the documentation of the plugins and build tools you are using. Look for any specific instructions or known issues related to using multiple React-related plugins.

If you provide more specific details about the plugins you are using, the build tools, and the exact error message with the stack trace, it may be easier to pinpoint the cause of the conflict and provide a more targeted solution.

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