To embed one AngularJS app within another AngularJS app, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create the Inner AngularJS App: First, create the AngularJS app that you want to embed as an independent application. This app will act as the inner app and will have its modules, controllers, and views.

  2. Expose the Inner App's Module: In the inner app, ensure that you define a named module (instead of using the default empty string module). For example:

    // Inner App angular.module('InnerApp', []) .controller('InnerController', function($scope) { // Controller logic for the inner app });
  3. Expose the Inner App's HTML Container: In the inner app's main HTML file, create a container element where the inner app will be placed. This can be a div element with a specific ID or class:

    <!-- Inner App HTML --> <div id="inner-app-container"> <!-- Inner app content will be inserted here --> </div>
  4. Load the Inner App's Script: In the outer AngularJS app, you need to load the script of the inner app. Ensure that you load the script before the outer app's script. For example:

    <!-- Outer App HTML --> <div> <!-- Outer app content --> </div> <!-- Load the script of the inner app --> <script src="path/to/inner-app.js"></script> <!-- Load the script of the outer app --> <script src="path/to/outer-app.js"></script>
  5. Bootstrap the Inner App: In the outer AngularJS app's script, you need to manually bootstrap the inner app within the container element created in Step 3:

    // Outer App angular.module('OuterApp', []) .controller('OuterController', function($scope) { // Controller logic for the outer app }); // Bootstrap the inner app within the container element angular.element(document).ready(function() { angular.bootstrap(document.getElementById('inner-app-container'), ['InnerApp']); });

    Here, InnerApp is the name of the inner app's module created in Step 2, and inner-app-container is the ID of the container element.

  6. Use the Inner App in the Outer App: Now that you have embedded the inner app within the outer app, you can use it just like any other AngularJS module or component within the outer app's HTML and controllers.

By following these steps, you can successfully embed one AngularJS app inside another. Keep in mind that if you plan to use AngularJS alongside newer versions of Angular or other frameworks, you may face compatibility issues and conflicts, as both frameworks have different design principles and architectures.

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