In Entity Framework Core (EF Core), you can map the results of a stored procedure to custom classes or entities using the FromSqlRaw or FromSqlInterpolated methods. These methods allow you to execute a raw SQL query, including stored procedures, and map the results to your desired classes.

Here's how you can execute a stored procedure and map the results to custom classes:

  1. Create Custom Classes: Define the custom classes that represent the shape of the data returned by the stored procedure. For example:
public class CustomResult { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } // Add other properties as needed }
  1. Execute Stored Procedure: In your DbContext class, you can execute the stored procedure using the FromSqlRaw method. This method allows you to pass a raw SQL query and map the results to your custom classes.
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore; using System.Collections.Generic; public class YourDbContext : DbContext { // ... public DbSet<CustomResult> CustomResults { get; set; } public IEnumerable<CustomResult> GetCustomResultsFromStoredProcedure() { // Execute the stored procedure and map the results to CustomResult class var results = CustomResults.FromSqlRaw("EXEC YourStoredProcedureName").ToList(); return results; } }
  1. Use the CustomResults: Now you can use the GetCustomResultsFromStoredProcedure method to get the results of the stored procedure in your application:
using System; public class YourService { private readonly YourDbContext _dbContext; public YourService(YourDbContext dbContext) { _dbContext = dbContext; } public void SomeMethod() { var customResults = _dbContext.GetCustomResultsFromStoredProcedure(); // Process the customResults foreach (var result in customResults) { Console.WriteLine($"{result.Id}: {result.Name}"); } } }

Ensure that your stored procedure returns the same column names and data types as defined in the CustomResult class. EF Core will map the result columns to the properties of the CustomResult class based on their names.

Remember to replace YourDbContext, CustomResult, YourStoredProcedureName, and other placeholders with the appropriate names based on your application's context.

By using FromSqlRaw, you can execute custom SQL queries, including stored procedures, and map the results to your custom classes or entities in EF Core. This approach allows you to leverage the power of stored procedures while still benefiting from EF Core's ORM features.

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