In Cypress, you may encounter situations where XHR (XMLHttpRequest) requests get canceled before the response is received, leading to Cypress waiting for a canceled request indefinitely. This can happen when the test case triggers an action that causes the page to navigate or unload before the XHR request completes.

To handle this issue, you can use the cy.intercept() command to intercept XHR requests and prevent them from being canceled. By intercepting the requests, you can control their behavior and ensure that Cypress waits for the responses before proceeding with the test.

Here's how you can use cy.intercept() to prevent waiting on canceled XHR requests in Cypress:

  1. Intercept the XHR Request: Use the cy.intercept() command to intercept the XHR request and prevent it from being canceled:

    // Intercept the XHR request cy.intercept('GET', '/api/data').as('getData');
  2. Perform Actions Triggering XHR Request: Now, perform the actions in your test case that trigger the XHR request:

    // Click a button or perform any action that triggers the XHR request cy.get('#some-button').click();
  3. Wait for XHR Response: Use the cy.wait() command to wait for the XHR response. This will ensure that Cypress waits until the request is completed:

    // Wait for the XHR response cy.wait('@getData').its('response.statusCode').should('eq', 200);

By using cy.intercept() and cy.wait(), you can control the behavior of XHR requests in Cypress and ensure that they complete successfully before the test proceeds. This should prevent Cypress from waiting on canceled XHR requests.

Additionally, make sure that the cy.wait() command is placed after the action that triggers the XHR request. If the cy.wait() command is placed before the request is triggered, Cypress may not capture the XHR request, leading to incomplete tests.

Remember to adjust the XHR request URL and other parameters in the cy.intercept() command to match your application's specific API endpoint.

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