The issue you described, where the cursor moves to the starting position when trying to add decimals in an HTML input field, is likely caused by JavaScript code or event handling interfering with the default behavior of the input field. It's possible that some event listeners or handlers are modifying the input field's value or behavior, leading to unexpected cursor movement.

Here are a few potential causes and solutions to investigate:

  1. Event Handling: Check if there are any event listeners attached to the input field, such as oninput, onchange, or onkeypress, that could be interfering with the default behavior. Make sure these event handlers are not inadvertently modifying the input value.

  2. Value Formatting: If you are manually formatting the input value using JavaScript, ensure that you are not resetting the input value or altering its contents in a way that causes the cursor to jump.

  3. Auto-Focus: Check if there is any code that automatically focuses on the input field when specific events occur. Auto-focusing on the input may cause the cursor to jump to the beginning of the field.

  4. Input Masking: If you are using input masking or formatting plugins or libraries, they may be affecting the cursor behavior. Ensure that the input masking is compatible with decimal input and doesn't interfere with cursor movement.

  5. Browser Extensions: Certain browser extensions or add-ons can modify the behavior of web pages, including form inputs. Try disabling browser extensions to see if any of them are causing the issue.

  6. CSS Styling: Unintended CSS styles, such as text-align: right;, may affect the cursor behavior. Ensure that the CSS styling of the input field does not cause any issues.

To troubleshoot the problem effectively, try isolating the issue by creating a minimal example of the input field with the problematic behavior. Remove any unnecessary code and test the input field in different scenarios to identify what is causing the cursor to move.

If you are unable to identify the root cause or if the issue is more complex, consider sharing a code snippet or a more detailed example of the input field along with any relevant JavaScript code. This will help in providing a more specific solution to the problem.

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