Yes, it is feasible to show some part of the next slide in a carousel using the react-material-ui-carousel library or any other carousel library that allows customization. This effect is commonly known as an "peeking" or "partial" slide effect.

In the case of react-material-ui-carousel, you can achieve this effect by adjusting the slide transition animation and positioning of the slides. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Install the Package: First, make sure you have installed the react-material-ui-carousel package in your project:

    npm install react-material-ui-carousel
  2. Customize the Carousel: To show a part of the next slide, you can apply some custom CSS to the carousel slides. This can be achieved by using the makeStyles function from Material-UI and adjusting the styles of the slides to create the peeking effect.

    import React from 'react'; import { Carousel } from 'react-material-ui-carousel'; import { makeStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles'; const useStyles = makeStyles((theme) => ({ carouselItem: { position: 'relative', width: '100%', overflow: 'hidden', borderRadius: '8px', // Add other styling as needed for your design }, nextSlide: { position: 'absolute', top: 0, left: 'calc(100% - 30px)', // Adjust this value to control how much of the next slide is visible width: 'calc(100% + 30px)', // Adjust this value to control how much of the next slide is visible zIndex: -1, }, })); const MyCarousel = () => { const classes = useStyles(); const items = [ { // Slide 1 content }, { // Slide 2 content }, // Add more slide items as needed ]; return ( <Carousel animation="slide" swipe navButtonsAlwaysVisible navButtonsProps={{ style: { color: 'white', backgroundColor: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6)', borderRadius: '50%', marginLeft: '5px', marginRight: '5px', }, }} > {, index) => ( <div key={index} className={classes.carouselItem}> {/* Slide content */} {item.content} {/* Next slide content */} {items[index + 1] && <div className={classes.nextSlide}>{items[index + 1].content}</div>} </div> ))} </Carousel> ); }; export default MyCarousel;

    In the example above, the nextSlide CSS class positions the next slide partially to the right of the current slide. You can adjust the left and width values in the nextSlide class to control how much of the next slide is visible.

    Make sure to replace item.content with the actual content of each slide.

  3. Customize Further: You can further customize the carousel and slide styles to match your specific design requirements. Experiment with different CSS properties to achieve the desired peeking effect and visual appearance.

By applying custom CSS styles to the slides and positioning the next slide partially to the right, you can create a peeking effect that shows some part of the next slide in the carousel using react-material-ui-carousel or similar carousel libraries.

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