If you are encountering an error related to the abortSignal in Axios during the build process, it is likely due to Axios trying to use the AbortController and AbortSignal APIs, which might not be available in all environments, especially during the build process. This error is more common when using Axios in a server-side environment like Node.js or during server-side rendering.

To resolve this issue, you can modify your Axios setup to conditionally handle the presence of the AbortController and AbortSignal APIs. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Check for the existence of AbortController and AbortSignal: Before importing Axios or using it in your code, check if the AbortController and AbortSignal APIs are available in the current environment.

    let axios; if (typeof window !== 'undefined') { // Browser environment with support for AbortController and AbortSignal axios = require('axios'); } else { // Node.js or other environments without support for AbortController and AbortSignal const axiosCancelToken = require('axios-cancel-token'); axios = axiosCancelToken.default.create(); }
  2. Install axios-cancel-token: For environments that don't support AbortController and AbortSignal, you can use the axios-cancel-token package as a fallback to handle the cancellation of requests.

    npm install axios-cancel-token # or yarn add axios-cancel-token
  3. Use Axios as usual: After setting up the conditional Axios instance, you can use it as you normally would in your code.

    axios.get('https://api.example.com/data') .then(response => { // Handle the response data }) .catch(error => { // Handle errors });

By following these steps, you can ensure that Axios works correctly both in environments that support AbortController and AbortSignal (e.g., browsers) and in environments without support (e.g., server-side in Node.js or during the build process). This approach allows you to avoid the abortSignal error and ensures that your Axios requests are properly managed in various environments.

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