The "Duplicated files or mocks" error in AWS Amplify typically occurs when there are conflicting files or configurations in your project. This can happen if you have multiple copies of the same file, or if there are duplicate mock configurations for Amplify services.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the "Duplicated files or mocks" error in AWS Amplify:

  1. Check for Duplicate Files: Review your project's file structure and ensure that there are no duplicate files with the same name and path. Look for accidental copies or duplicates that might have been created during development.

  2. Inspect Amplify Configuration Files: Check your Amplify configuration files (e.g., amplify/team-provider-info.json, amplify/backend/amplify-meta.json) for any duplicate entries or configurations. These files store information about your Amplify project and its backend services.

  3. Review Mock Configurations: If you are using Amplify mock configurations for testing or development, ensure that you do not have multiple mock configurations for the same service. Check your project's amplify/mock folder for any duplicate mock configurations.

  4. Clear Build Artifacts: Clear any build artifacts, cached files, or temporary directories that might contain duplicate files or old configurations. For example, you can remove the node_modules directory and reinstall dependencies using npm install or yarn install.

  5. Reset Amplify Environment: If you have tried other steps and are still facing the error, you can try resetting your Amplify environment by running the following command:

    amplify env reset

    This command will clear all local data and artifacts related to your Amplify environment and give you a clean slate.

  6. Verify Amplify CLI Version: Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Amplify CLI. You can check the installed version by running:

    amplify --version

    If you are using an older version, consider updating to the latest version to take advantage of bug fixes and improvements.

After performing these steps, rebuild and run your Amplify project to see if the "Duplicated files or mocks" error is resolved. If the issue persists, carefully review your project's configuration and file structure for any potential conflicts or duplicates.

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