The "Attempted to remove more RCTLinkingManager listeners than added" error in React Native is related to the Linking module. This error typically occurs when there is a mismatch between the number of listeners added and removed for deep linking events using the Linking.addEventListener() and Linking.removeEventListener() methods.

To resolve this error, ensure that you are adding and removing the listeners correctly:

  1. Add Event Listeners: When you want to listen for deep linking events, add the event listeners in the appropriate component (e.g., in your main app component or a specific screen/component) using the Linking.addEventListener() method.

    import { Linking } from 'react-native'; const YourComponent = () => { useEffect(() => { const handleDeepLink = (event) => { // Handle deep link event here }; Linking.addEventListener('url', handleDeepLink); return () => { Linking.removeEventListener('url', handleDeepLink); }; }, []); // Component rendering and logic here };

    Note that the Linking.removeEventListener() call is placed inside a cleanup function returned from the useEffect() hook. This ensures that the event listener is removed when the component unmounts.

  2. Avoid Adding Listeners Multiple Times: Make sure you are adding the event listeners only once. If you add the same event listener multiple times without removing it, you may encounter the mentioned error. Check for any duplicates in your code that could be adding the same listener repeatedly.

  3. Clean Up Listeners on Component Unmount: As shown in the example above, always clean up the event listeners using Linking.removeEventListener() when the component unmounts. If you fail to do this, the event listeners may accumulate over time and lead to the error.

  4. Test Deep Linking: After making the necessary changes, test your deep linking functionality to ensure that the error is resolved.

By correctly managing your event listeners and ensuring that you add and remove them appropriately, you can prevent the "Attempted to remove more RCTLinkingManager listeners than added" error in React Native.

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