If the locale settings in your Apache/PHP/php-fpm environment are changing themselves unexpectedly, it could be due to various factors. Here are some potential causes and solutions to address the issue:

  1. Configuration Issue:

    • Check your Apache, PHP, and php-fpm configuration files (e.g., httpd.conf, php.ini, www.conf) to ensure that the locale settings are explicitly defined and not left to the system default. Look for lines that specify the locale or LC_* variables.
    • Set the locale explicitly in your PHP script using setlocale() function to avoid relying on server configuration alone. For example, setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US.UTF-8').
  2. Environment Variables:

    • Ensure that there are no other scripts or processes running on your server that may be altering the locale settings as a side effect.
    • Check for any environment variables that might be modifying the locale settings during runtime.
  3. Web Server Modules:

    • Some Apache modules, like mod_env, can change environment variables, including locale settings. Make sure there are no conflicting or unexpected settings in your Apache modules.
  4. PHP-FPM Pool Configuration:

    • Check the PHP-FPM pool configuration (e.g., www.conf) to ensure that there are no unintended locale settings defined there.
  5. Permissions:

    • Verify that the Apache/PHP-FPM processes have the necessary permissions to read/write any temporary locale files that might be used.
  6. Server Environment:

    • If you are on shared hosting, it's possible that your hosting provider has some server-level configurations that affect locale settings. Contact your hosting support for assistance.
  7. Cron Jobs or Scheduled Tasks:

    • Check if there are any cron jobs or scheduled tasks running on your server that could be modifying the locale settings at specific intervals.
  8. Bugs or External Interference:

    • In rare cases, there might be software bugs or external interference causing the locale settings to change. Keep all your server software up-to-date to avoid known issues.

It's important to note that the root cause of the problem can vary depending on the specifics of your server environment and codebase. Thoroughly investigate each possibility to identify the source of the unexpected locale changes. Additionally, keep an eye on your server logs for any relevant error messages or warnings that might shed light on the issue.

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