When using Ant Design's ConfigProvider, the color palettes might not be generating the exact same colors as provided due to various reasons. Some possible reasons and solutions are:

  1. Customizing Theme: If you are customizing the theme for Ant Design using Less variables or overriding the default styles, make sure you have correctly configured the color palettes and imported them into your Less/Sass files.

  2. Incorrect Import: Ensure that you are importing the color palettes from the correct source and using them in the proper way in your project. For example, in Less, you can import the color palettes like this:

    @import '~antd/lib/style/color/colorPalette.less';
  3. Version Compatibility: Make sure you are using the correct version of Ant Design and that the color palettes you are referencing match the version you are using.

  4. Overrides: If you are using ConfigProvider with custom theme settings, it may override some of the default colors with the ones provided in the theme.

  5. Theme Variables: Check if the color palettes you provided are correctly assigned to the appropriate Less/Sass variables used by Ant Design components.

  6. Global Styles: Other global styles or CSS rules in your project might be affecting the appearance of Ant Design components. Make sure that there are no conflicting styles that modify the colors in unintended ways.

  7. Cache or Build Issues: Sometimes, cached files or build issues can cause discrepancies in the output. Try clearing the cache or rebuilding your project to see if the issue persists.

  8. Bug or Regression: In rare cases, there might be a bug or regression in Ant Design that affects the color palettes. Check the official Ant Design GitHub repository for any related issues or updates.

If you have followed the correct configuration steps and the issue still persists, consider creating a small reproducible example (e.g., using CodeSandbox) and seeking help from the Ant Design community or raising an issue on the official GitHub repository.

Remember that customizing the theme and color palettes in Ant Design requires careful attention to detail, as it involves working with CSS preprocessors like Less or Sass, and small mistakes can lead to unexpected behavior in the generated colors.

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