Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) provides features to handle bounces and complaints for the emails you send through the service. Bounces occur when an email cannot be delivered to a recipient's email address, and complaints occur when a recipient marks your email as spam or unwanted.

To handle bounces and complaints in Amazon SES, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Bounce and Complaint Notifications:

    • Go to the Amazon SES console (
    • Select the region where you want to handle bounce and complaint notifications.
    • In the left navigation pane, click on "Email Addresses."
    • Click on "Verify a New Email Address" and follow the steps to verify your sender email address.
  2. Set Up SNS Topic for Bounce and Complaint Notifications:

    • In the Amazon SES console, go to the "Configuration Sets" section from the left navigation pane.
    • Click on "Create Configuration Set" and give it a name.
    • Under the "Event Destinations" tab, click on "Add Destination."
    • Choose "Amazon SNS Topic" as the type of destination.
    • Create a new SNS topic or select an existing one to receive the bounce and complaint notifications.
    • Click "Create Configuration Set."
  3. Subscribe to the SNS Topic:

    • Go to the Amazon SNS console (
    • Click on the topic you created or select an existing topic for bounce and complaint notifications.
    • Click on "Create Subscription."
    • Choose the protocol for receiving notifications (e.g., email, HTTPS, etc.) and provide the endpoint details (e.g., email address or URL).
    • Confirm the subscription by following the instructions in the notification email or by responding to the HTTPS endpoint.
  4. Handle Bounces and Complaints in Your Application:

    • When an email bounces or is marked as a complaint, Amazon SES will publish a notification to the subscribed SNS topic.
    • Your application or endpoint that's subscribed to the SNS topic should handle these notifications appropriately.
    • For example, when you receive a bounce notification, you might want to update your email list and remove the bounced recipient from your mailing list. Similarly, when you receive a complaint notification, you may want to investigate the cause and take appropriate actions to prevent further complaints.

By setting up bounce and complaint handling in Amazon SES, you can maintain a clean email list, improve email deliverability, and comply with anti-spam regulations. Additionally, Amazon SES also provides a feedback loop (FBL) that allows you to receive copies of the complaint feedback provided by email recipients. This FBL can further assist in managing complaints and enhancing the quality of your email campaigns.

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