The error "more than one device/emulator" occurs when you try to use the adb reverse command, but multiple devices or emulators are connected to your computer, and the command doesn't know which one to target. This can happen when you have multiple Android devices or emulators running simultaneously, and adb needs to be explicitly told which device to work with.

To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Fire TV Device: Use the adb devices command to list all connected devices and identify the specific Fire TV device you want to target.
adb devices

The output will show a list of connected devices, and you should be able to identify your Fire TV by its unique device ID or name.

  1. Specify the Device ID in adb reverse: Once you know the device ID of your Fire TV device, you can use it to explicitly target that device with the adb reverse command.
adb -s DEVICE_ID reverse <local> <remote>

Replace DEVICE_ID with the actual device ID of your Fire TV, and <local> and <remote> with the appropriate port numbers for the reverse port forwarding.

For example, if your Fire TV device ID is "abcdefg" and you want to forward port 8080 on your computer to port 8888 on the Fire TV, you would use:

adb -s abcdefg reverse tcp:8080 tcp:8888

This command should set up the reverse port forwarding specifically for your Fire TV device, and you should no longer encounter the "more than one device/emulator" error.

If you're still experiencing issues, ensure that your Fire TV is connected correctly and that the Fire TV ADB debugging is enabled in the device settings. Additionally, make sure you have the correct ADB drivers installed and up-to-date. Restarting ADB or unplugging and reconnecting your Fire TV might also help in certain cases.

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